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Welcome to Character Coffee

We're more than a coffee truck

How many tales have been told, stories shared, and lives connected around a steaming cup?


Character Coffee is a carefully crafted experience delivering high end specialty coffee & cafe drinks  featuring :

Organic & Fair Trade Coffee


Our Signature Homemade Brown Butter Caramel


  Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate


Delicious Spiced Chai


 Decadent Italian Cream Sodas


&  more! 


There's something special for everyone to sip & savor.


Live a Good Story

We believe that we're writing our own story in life while also playing a part in one another's - so lets make it a good one


A steaming cup invites us to linger a little longer among friends new & old as we sharelisten, love, and connect our stories.


Whether hosting an event or planning a party- Character Coffee is sure to add a memorable touch. 


Carefully Crafted, Exceptional Quality, Friendly Service

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world"- The Hobbitt


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York, PA

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